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Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Methods

Methods for Multi Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) have been designed in order to designate a preferred solution, to classify the alternatives in a small number of categories and/or to rank the alternatives in a subjective order of preference. MCDA can result in improvement of the satisfaction with the decision process, enhancing the communication in the group of decision makers, improvement of the quality of the decision itself and increased productivity of the decision makers. Considerable literature on multiple criteria decision making exists, both in terms of theory and applications. ECN, a partner with experience on Multi Criteria Decision Analysis methods has focused on the following activities: a. Define relevant criteria to select the most appropriate method(s) to be used in conjunction with the ISPA tool. b. Undertake a brief literature study and survey on Multi Criteria Decision Analysis and other related decision analytic methods in particular as applied in or related to energy policy making and supporting models.

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