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Silanisation reactor

The silanisation reactor is planned to be applied in the tire industry for the production of tread compounds for silica tires. Today's production of silica compounds by use of a regular internal mixer requires about twice as much mixing time and one to three additional mixing steps compared to conventional carbon black filled compounds. The reason is that a chemical reaction (silanisation) needs to be performed that requires specific process conditions.

Compared to a conventional internal mixer, the device is specially adapted to the requirements of the silanisation reaction: It combines an improved temperature control, an exhaust system for the reaction products and a better distributive mixing behaviour. The device can be integrated into an existing mixing line and is able to handle the typical batch weight in the mixing room of about 220kg. To allow a fast silanisation reaction without causing pre-scorch, the device is able to hold the batch temperature within a tight range (<3°C) over a time period of about 5 minutes

Besides this concept of a new complete machine new rotor concepts have also been developed and tested to enable existing mixers to be upgraded. Furthermore, a concept to support the silanisation process with special air-injection devices has been developed. This concept allows modifying conventional mixing lines. Last but not least a concept for a sensor had been tested successfully (in pilot production scale). This sensor allows measuring the emitted ethanol during the silanisation within the mixer.

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