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SARE website

The SARE website is organised in two different levels: a public area and a restricted area. The website contains the following information:
Public area:
- Introduction with general information about SARE, the members of the thematic network, objectives etc.
- Newsletters: The quarterly electronically published newsletters of the project.
- Partners: Information on the SARE partners and links to their websites.
- Rapid Prototyping: An overview of the RP technologies that is suitable for foundry applications.
- Simulation: Data obtained from the simulation tasks on WP2. Reference component and information on the materials selected, software etc.
- Environmental aspects: Information related to environmental aspects within the investment casting sector.
- Workshop: Summary of the articles presented in the workshop held in Stuttgart in March 2003.
- Further information with interesting links to websites and related projects.

Members' section:
The members' section contains all the deliverables of the six work packages as well as the minutes of the meetings and information on the companies taking part in SARE. Additional information and reports created by the different working groups is also included. There are also 36 small reports that show the works carried out each month.

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