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Novel method for producing porous scaffolds using Ca/P ceramics

A proprietary method for producing 3-Dimensional porous scaffolds with controlled highly interconnected porosity (open), <85%> as well as substrates with gradient porosity has been developed. The method has been optimised for biocompatible calcium phosphate materials such as Hydroxyapatite (HA) and Tricalcium phosphate (TCP). Laboratory samples and prototypes have been produced. In vitro and in vivo performance of the materials have been documented and show very good results.

This method provides an alternative production technique for the production of scaffolds for bone replacement materials and for tissue engineering. The scaffolds are indicated for bone tissue regeneration with and without activation using cells, Platelet rich plasma and growth factors. FIN-Ceramica Faenza developed an innovative method for the production of Ca/P 3-D scaffold.

The scaffold is characterised with high porosity degree (70-90 vol.%) and controlled porosity (micro, macro and interconnection porosity). The Ca/P3-D scaffold are indicated for bone defect regeneration, to be use alone or in combination with cells, PRP or growth factors. A European Patent Application has been filed.

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