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Surface activation of porous scaffolds by coating with nanocrystalline apatites

Sintered porous materials have a very low specific surface area and the release of active proteins is essentially determined by physical processes (diffusion of molecules), which are difficult to control. The coating applied to the inner pores of the ceramic is a nanocrystalline apatite with a very high specific surface area and a high surface reactivity. It can bind active molecules and release them either as a consequence of crystal maturation, surface displacement (by ions or other molecules) and/or cell activity. The nanocrystalline apatite may have their chemical composition and surface characteristics adapted for a specific use. Multilayer coatings can be realized with sequential release of active molecules.

The coating process has been registered as an "enveloppe Soleau" (number 145689, 22/10/2002) at the French National Institute of Industrial Property

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