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Environmental and economical evaluation of regeneration of used TWC

This result contains the findings and conclusions of the economic and environmental assessment for the regeneration / reactivation procedure of used catalysts, in the framework of the Work Package 4 of the REGEN-CATS project.

The objectives are twofolds:
- to provide a State of the Art of the economic and environmental aspects of the TWC;
- to highlight the key economic and market issues. Indeed, it is essential to define which conditions should be fulfilled by the regeneration procedure (in terms of emissions reduction performance and logistic constraints) in order to maximise its market "acceptability".

Two contrasted scenarios have been envisaged and discussed:
- "Re-use of the regenerated TWC on an other car"
- "Several uses of the regenerated TWC on the same car"
Both scenarios are based on the principle that a TWC is designed to comply with the emissions regulations during the whole life of a car (" fit and forget" principle).

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