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Knowledge about how VIP navigate through a hierarchical diagram with a joystick

TeDUB offers an interface with which it is possible to navigate technical diagrams coming from the following tree domains:
Architectural floor plans
Circuit diagrams
UML diagrams

The interface is the result of an iterative process, based on extensive user studies in which potential end users of the software evaluated the suitability of the interface for reading these specific diagrams. Although the users initially have to get used to the joystick, the combination of the interface with the joystick, sounds and the screen reader works very well to give complete access to the content of these types of diagrams. The possibility to get an impression of the spatial lay out joystick of the diagrams by means of the joystick does not only help readers in representing the content, it facilitates contact with sighted users of the same diagrams. The TeDUB rationale and the developed interface is a good basis for giving access to any other type of box and pointer diagrams to visually impaired people.

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