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SymCockpit methodology & software for business performance management

The SymCockpit is based on a performance measurement concept that requires the consideration of two dimensions. On the one hand, a company's performance is determined by the capacity to put in place the actions provided in the strategy roadmap. The actions have got attributes such as e.g. responsible organisational unit, start and end dates and budgets, comparable to a basic project management application.

On the other hand, the organisation's future performance is also determined by the capacity to respond to new challenges in knowledge-based, dynamic industries. With the help of the 'Agility Measure', the individual need for agility for an organisation can be determined. Accordingly, a company sets the level of performance it wants to reach in certain predefined areas. It is free to choose from a validated list of standard indicators, but can also add individual ones.

By conceiving the SymCockpit this way, a SME can use a dynamic, action-oriented strategic performance measurement and a more static, capacity-oriented performance measurement at the same time. This procedure allows a balanced view on organisational performance, also by integrating indicators for tangible as well as for intangibles assets.

Main function specification
SymCockpit is a performance measurement tool, which also includes among others a module sup-porting the strategic initiation processes based on a profound analysis.

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