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SymResources methodology & software to align strategy and intangible resources

No department, no company can go alone. For big industries and ambitious start-up companies, collaborative networking has become central to competitive success in dynamic markets. More than ever, relevant competences for gaining or growing businesses lie outside the boundaries of a department or the firm. In this emerging world of collaborative value creation, the capacity to develop and mobilise organisation, people and knowledge becomes the cornerstone for effective resource management.

SymResources targets those needs. The software-supported methodology facilitates the (re-) design process of collaborative organisations as well as the development of jobs and competences. The modular and integratable approach between organisation, jobs and individual competences makes SymResources a unique platform for managing mobility of intangible resources. It addresses bigger as well as networked smaller organisations and provides particularly high customer values in situations of market instability, growth and leveraging, restructuring and new business development. Whenever your business is a strongly service and competence based and mobility of your people is crucial, SymResources is a breakthrough answer. The ASP platform is accessible through the web; you don't need local software installation. This is the cheapest and fastest way to become user of SymResources. Bigger organisations may prefer a software licence to run on their dedicated server. Both options are available.

SymResources is much more than a tool. It is a validated management methodology which differences from established approaches generally routed on the hypothesis of stable environment. Statics is replaced by dynamics, rigidity by adaptivity and skills by a holistic cognitive competence approach. Training, consulting, coaching and any other forms of services offered to potential customers will be supplied by highly qualified and experienced partners, actually mainly CEGOS (F) and CCSO (CH). The network of service organisations will be enlarged and further internationalised. In order to assure long-term sustainability of SymResources, the Symphony project consortium agreed to transfer the related intellectual property rights (IPR) to Harmony Solutions SA. This happened in November 2004 by the signature of the Exploitation Agreement. Harmony Solutions SA (CH) is acting focal company of the international SymResources commercialisation network. It maintains and further develops the software platform. ICARE (CH), ITIA-TTS (I) and GIC (D) further continue to support software development managed by Harmony Solutions SA. Regarding the service/consultancy part, CEGOS (F) and CCSO (CH) will constitute a core-team committed to set the basis for broad awareness building in industry, science / education and professional consultancy; for testing and validating the SymResources approach in new fields of applications as well as for knowledge exchange and training. The collaboration between those partners and Harmony Solution SA is formalised in the partnership contract.

The roadmap for international commercialisation of the SymResources platform is structured in three stages: For 2005, the platform will be further stabilised and optimised. In this stage, a limited number of commercial partners will use and exploit one single ASP system, which will be continually modified and improved. In a second stage, additional distribution partners - all of them providing high added values to their customers in form of services - will be recruited and trained. Thus, the system will be leveraged to an increasing number of beneficiary companies. At this stage, end-user companies will start to use SymResources on a regular basis for their organisational and human resource development. At this stage, SymResources will be stabilised and available in several languages as ASP or as license running on the clients' server. Finally, a professional sales organisation will be set up for international commercialisation of SymResources. This is planned to start in 2007.

In a workshop with participants from CEGOS and CCSO, several exploitation options for SymResources were discussed. It came out, that the most promising way for developing exploitation / application competences and for international penetration of SymResources would be a collaborative network, facilitated under the responsibility of Harmony Solutions SA. The partnership contract between Harmony Solutions SA and CEGOS is based on this philosophy. Regarding the value generation process, particularly three aspects were clarified:
1. The customer (organizations or persons) prefers a holistic approach based on the Symphony integrated methodology. At the final event in Paris, entrepreneurs from the industrial validation team stressed out the importance of this holistic view. Many other practical cases underline this Symphony inherent USP, which distinguishes its approach from many other existing management methodologies. The exploitation network will further develop this USP. Consequently, the exploitation network won't develop a functional organization based on disconnected specialists in strategy, organization, competences and other domains. The training and accreditation process of SymResources VARs will take care of this fact.
2. The offering to the customer should be highly modular and flexible. Some of the customers are happy with coaching, others will internalise the SymResources methodology to their organization, and some of them will become autonomous users of SymResources. The network of SymResources partners should become responsive to those highly flexible and adaptive offerings.
3. The competence profile for managing the key value processes, see figure below, will differ from process to process. A special attention of the exploitation partners will be given to the development of such competence profiles and to the establishment of related training support.

Business and revenue model: This business model describes, as a system, how the critical elements / stakeholders of a business process fit and work together. This business model focuses primarily on the down-streaming process that means the activities associated with selling process. HS offers its services through an international network of professional consultancies in the area of organizational and competence development. In a first stage, the consultancies use the SymResources methodologies and ASP platform as an integrated part of their business services. In this stage, revenues will come from these "Value Added Retailers" (VARs). In a second stage, some of their customer companies (Customers) will internalise those services and directly access and use the ASP platform. In that stage, revenues will be generated from the customers of the VAR-partners of HS.

There are basically two different SW licensing business models in mid-term:
1. ASP model: SymResources is offered to its VARs and Customers as an ASP solution, supported by the central host server of HS. The revenue model consists of annual license fees based on two dimensions: number of clusters and number of users. The official pricing model will be defined in 2005, based on practical experience gained during the market test phase. The two first contracts between HS and the two VAR organizations CEGOS and CCSO are established. Negotiations with additional partners are ongoing.
2. License model (site license): In such a model, SymResources is installed on a dedicated host server of a VAR or a Customer. Revenues will be generated in form of up-front and annual license payment. Such a license model will be postponed up to the stage where the SymResources platform is perfectly optimised and stabilized. Otherwise, maintenance and improvement costs would become too high.

Consultancy groups and human resource departments focused on organisational dynamics and competences development. Personal competence coaches dedicated to client working in a multi employment and/or jobs. Responsible people for designing training and further training courses focused on industrial competences requirements

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