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Electron beam lithography of nanoelectrodes

A spectrum of planar fabrication processes have been developed to enable nanoelectrodes to be made for use in nanotechnology experiments requiring electrical contact to be made. Typical dimensions are electrode width 20nm, tip radius 10nm, and electrode separation of 20nm. The electrodes can be made on a range of substrates using electron beam lithography in a routine manner. Typical materials are Ti:Pd:Au, deposited in that order in a carousel based electron beam evaporator. Ti is used to promote adhesion and Pd acts as a barrier layer between the Ti and the Au. The principal metal is Au, but other materials such as Pt are available.

A process has also been developed for nanofluidics based on e-beam lithography in conjunction with UV3 resist. Tube IDs of 50nm with ODs of 200nm are achievable. Interconnect and branching technologies on planar substrates have been demonstrated.

Reported by

University of Glasgow
Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering
G12 9LG Glasgow
United Kingdom
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