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A C++ web site composition environment

Current environments for web application development focus on Java or scripting languages. Developers that want to or have to use C or C++ are left behind with little options. To solve this problem, we have developed a C++ Servlet Environment (CSE) that provides a high performance servlet engine for C++.

One of the biggest challenges we have faced while developing this environment was to come up with an architecture that provides high performance while not allowing a single servlet to crash the whole servlet environment, a serious risk with C++ application development. In this thesis we explain the requirements for such a servlet environment, the architecture we have designed, as well as details about the implementation of the CSE.

To allow developers to get familiar with the CSE, we have also designed a C++ servlet API and a syntax for C++ Server Pages that closely resembles that used by Java servlet environments. To illustrate the use of the CSE, we have also implemented the Record Store, a sample web application. On the basis of this example, we describe how servlets can be developed using our environment. To demonstrate the benefits that can be gained by using the CSE, we evaluate its performance and compare it to that of other popular servlet environments.

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