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A flexible system for dynamic composition at run time: ECDyn

Q-Labs have specified, designed and realized a flexible system for dynamic composition at run time -the ECDyn platform- reusing technologies from Ilog partner and UKA and implementing a kind of Event-based Aspect Component Composition. This platform may be used as a tool to support the main activities of the analysis and design workflow of the EASYCOMP process. Using this platform allows quick prototyping of functional and non-functional requirements inside a well-controlled development process. Furthermore, the design enforces separation of concerns between business rules and functional components, which is of great interest for traceability purpose. Q-Labs have begun collaboration with French company OXAND to explore new technologies and provide new classes of services upon the ECDyn platform.

The expected benefit is to speed up the development process without dropping control; in particular the acceptance phase will be improved by using the ECDyn platform itself to automate the tests. The ECDyn platform used as a tool to support the EASYCOMP process is a mean to manage the trade-of between the flexibility of dynamic composition and keeping the process under control to mitigate the risks.

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