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A process development description taking in account dynamic composition and industrial constraints: EASYCOMP process

Q-Labs have defined a EASYCOMP process by customizing the RUP.The Unified Process is architecture-centric and promotes extensive usage of iterations, which makes it a perfect basis for controlling semi-continuous integration of components as defined in EASYCOMP. The process mainly extends Unified Process on Analysis and Design activities. It defines additional roles, activities and artefacts like "Component Library Administrator", "EASYCOMP Component Model". New tools like "Ontology Checker" are also used in various steps of the process. The ECDyn platform can be used to support and speed up the design activities and acceptance tests. UT/CTIT have written a white paper about cross cutting concern used to handle architecture mechanisms. The overall process is described through a complete web site. This process is currently deployed in the french company OXAND and will be used in addition with the ECDyn platform to speed up the development of new classes of services.

Furthermore, when Q-Labs will be faced to similar industrial context, we plan to use the EASYCOMP process as it was designed to manage the trade-of between quick development/dynamic composition and keeping the process under control to mitigate the risks.

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