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COMPASS: composition with aspects, configuration and adaptation with aspect-oriented connectors

Aspect-oriented connectors adapt independently developed components (semi-) automatically to establish interaction among them thus allowing to (re-) configure software systems statically. UKA defined a corresponding component model consisting of components, ports and connectors. Ports represent the interaction points of components and the expected interaction behaviour at these points. Connectors specify the interaction to establish by connecting ports. They also serve to identify the necessary adaptations in case of architectural mismatches thus preserving the information hiding principle with respect to the system composer. Exchanging a connector therefore triggers the corresponding adaptations, performed by program transformations. This approach allows abstracting from concrete connections found in source code, reconfigure them on the model level and generate transformed source code. The model also enables (component-based) software development on the architectural level, detecting and bridging architectural mismatches, and substantiating the interaction semantics stepwise to the implementation (source code) level.

We have defined the semantics of our interaction model formally using the PI-calculus and implemented our approach in the form of our COMPASS (COMPosition with ASpectS) tool. To construct our component model, we implemented analyses that identify components, their ports (interactions points and interaction properties) and connectors (concrete connections, especially interaction patterns) implemented in components. To detect interaction patterns we also implemented corresponding analyses (combining static and dynamic analyses). We also implemented transformations to reconfigure interactions, especially a reconfiguration of a direct method call interaction into a communication via a buffer object.

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