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Analysis for aspect interactions (know-how, first analysis of its kind)

ARMINES-DI has introduced Event-based AOP and, in particular, achieved the following major results:
- First publication of a general formally defined approach for AOP. This approach supports much more general aspect definitions than provided by almost all (than and now) existing ones.
- First publication of a static analysis technique for interactions among aspects. This result is important because interactions among aspects constitute a probably the, major problem of AO.
- The EAOP model by includes aspect composition and dynamic aspect instantiation. The theoretical foundation of EAOP has been developed, in particular, by presenting the first technique for static analysis of aspect interactions (published at GPCE'02). An extension of this analysis framework including an explicit notion of aspect composition and conflict resolution using composition operators has been developed and will be submitted in Oct. 2003 to AOSD'04. The static analysis has been adapted to a component model with explicit protocols (PhD. Andres Farias). The theoretical framework of EAOP has been applied to schedulers in operating systems (publication at ASE'03, MSc Rickard Aberg).

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