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First methodology for transconsistency (hot update) of active documents

Transconsistency is a revolutionary principle for active and hypertext documents. It gives them the notion of an architecture with hot update. A typical active document contains scripts that derive parts of the documents from base parts. A transconsistent architecture enables the immediate recomputation of all derived parts. As such, the principle generalizes the ubiquitous hypertext principle of transclusion.

This result defines precisely what happens in many web systems, when a user interactively develops a document or form. Until now, this systematic principle has not been recognized, and that is the reason why web systems are so complicated and hard to construct.

This principle will enable the construction of completely new design tools and optimisers for web systems. It will help web engineers to raise the level of abstraction in web system design, and find the way from an assembler-like programming style to a way of high-level programming. This will simplify the future construction and maintenance of web systems enormously.

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