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Impact of tibial dyschondroplasia (TD) in turkeys

One experiment was designed to determine the effects of TD on skeletal morphometry and gait, sampling six different strains of widely varying size and conformation throughout the growth period. TD had no significant effects on skeletal morphometry; there were no significant differences in tibial plateau angle, femoral, tibial, or tarsometatarsal torsion, length or circumference between birds with and without TD. Gait parameters collected from videotape and pedobarograph were similarly unaffected by the presence or severity of TD lesions. Tibial dyschondroplasia in turkeys was therefore considered to have no primary welfare consequences. In an experiment designed to determine if there were secondary welfare consequences of TD for growing turkeys, the results indicated that although TD appears to be associated with the development of osteomyelitic lesions in a small proportion of TD -affected birds, there appears not to be any major welfare problem associated with this secondary pathology because gait and behaviour were unaffected.

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