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Polymorphisms and their frequencies in the two Bulgarian, the Finnish, the Italian, and the Dutch field studies of the genes GTSM1, Cyp3A4, and IL-1 group of genes

In the two Bulgarian, the Finnish, the Italian, and the Dutch Field Studies, polymorphisms, and their frequencies of selected genes were assessed, and their interactions with exposure-effect parameters were evaluated. Glutathion-S-transferase and Cyp3A4, IL-1Ñ, IL-1Ò, and IL-1RA genotypes were similarly distributed among pesticide exposed and control population. Correlation analyses of the distribution of GSTM-1 and Cyp3A4 with ethylene thiourea, as an indicator of the level of exposure have not shown any significant effects. When taken into account the effect of polymorphism of IL-1 group of genes, only IL-1Ò genotype showed some effects. Overall analyses showed that people with homozygous polymorphism of this gene and exposed to pesticides showed lower level of anti-hepatitis B titters than those of wild type. However, by selecting a group of responders to vaccination, analyses showed that polymorphism of IL-1Ò predisposes to significantly higher levels of anti-Hb titers but exposure to pesticides does not affect this observation in any significant way. Hence, the study supported earlier findings of influence of IL-1Ò polymorphism on anti-Hb titters after immunization but declined any effect of pesticide exposure. Any immunological changes attributable to pesticide exposure do not contain significant confounding factor of genetic background as based on the analyses of the polymorphisms of selected genes.

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