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Analysis of estrogenic chemicals in mixtures: improving the sensitivity and speed of existing analytical methods

An analytical method consisting of solid phase extraction, cleanup, derivatization and gas chromatography coupled to ion trap detection was developed for the determination of (synthetic) steroid hormones at very low concentrations, i.e. in the low ng/L range. The method was applied within the ACE project for the determination of actual exposure concentrations for in vivo studies, specifically for estradiol (E2) and ethynylestradiol (EE2). Detection limits were 0.2-1ng/L for E2 and 0.5-2ng/L for EE2; average recoveries for the corresponding deuterated internal standards (E2-d4 and EE2-d4) were 95% (n=220) and 99% (n=141), respectively. The method was extended to other target analytes such as the estrogenic steroids estrone, estriol, the synthetic estrogen mestranol and the xeno-estrogen bisphenol A. Furthermore, several androgenic as well as progestagenic hormones can be analysed with the developed method.

Extension to other matrices such as surface water, sewage treatment plant influents and effluents, sediments and sludge required some adaptation of the extraction and cleanup steps, but has proven to be feasible. Extraction of solids is done by Accelerated Solvent Extraction, while different cleanup steps include gel permeation chromatography and reversed phase HPLC fractionation.

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