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Adaptation and optimisation of YES

A modified Yeast Estrogen Screen (YES) that serves the special purpose of studying interactions of estrogenic agents with non-estrogenic toxicants has been developed, implemented and validated. Simultaneous measurability of both estrogenic activity and fungal toxicity in a single experimental set-up was achieved by using inhibition of yeast growth as toxicity parameter. Growth inhibition of yeast cultures is expressed as final biomass in relation to untreated controls and determined by measurements of optical density. The assay was optimised in terms of testing capacity, reproducibility of concentration response curves and sensitivity to both estrogenic and growth inhibiting effects. Details of the protocol, such as initial cell density, incubation time, measuring wavelengths etc. were adjusted accordingly. A serious of estrogenic (estradiol, estrone, estriol) and non-estrogenic compounds (Cycloheximide, Mercury, Dinitro-aniline, DMSO, LAS) were used as reference substances during the process of optimisation and validation. As a result, an optimised test protocol for the modified YES assay has been implemented for routine testing and is now ready for use in the mixture effect analyses.

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University of Bremen, FB2
28334 Bremen
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