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The Cleopatra user community typology has not often unique/uniform information-based approach. Some of them are still not familiar with Remote Sensing technology (public authorities) and there is absence of multi-sensors and multi-source integration using Earth Observation data. The promotion and diffusion of this multi-approach project and the dissemination of related information, specifically addressed to users, both public and private (not only to research community) is the aim of the Cleopatra WEB. After planning meetings, the Cleopatra Web site was designed and implemented on the Eurimage server ( The Web site has continuously been updated, especially using EU Commission recommendations through several integration phases. All the Cleopatra partners sent contributions/suggestions for improving the readability of the messages. All the related projects, the Commission frameworks and all the partners web pages are directly linked to Cleopatra web. Test cases, results, user presentations and documentation are available. A specific session, duly protected by password, enables the Cleopatra consortium members to use the not publishable documentation.

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