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Components bench tests

A wide investigation of fuel cell components has been performed in the project in order to find suitable components for testing and to benchmark different types of components on the market. The following components were decided to be tested: fuel cell stacks, compressors and reformer catalysts. Five different polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC) stacks were chosen with power outputs between 1 and 6 kW. Three of the stacks were run on hydrogen and two on simulated reformat. The results from the stacks seemed competitive to stacks on the market. The compressors tested were four air compressors suitable for fuel cell applications. The following compressor types were tested: a side channel blower, a claw compressor, a rotary vane compressor and twin-screw compressor. The selected machines seem to be suitable for different configurations of fuel cell systems, in terms both of power and pressure level. In particular the first three compressors are suitable for low fuel cell power application up to 12-15kW, while the twin-screw compressor is suitable for power up to 45-50kW. Reformer catalysts with isooctane (similar to gasoline) were also tested in order to investigate their capability of producing hydrogen at different conditions.

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