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Cleopatra brochure

All the partners sent their contributions and suggestions for creating a common double page fly for easier advertisement of Cleopatra, divided into four sections: The problem, where are described the Mediterranean threats and the possible dangerous evolutions. The project, where the purposes, the activities and the expected results are described. The consortium, where the Cleopatra partners and users are listed with their main commitments. An operational test phase (Cleopatra in a response situation) is also attached Some colour figures enhance the project phases.

The next dissemination steps are focused on:
·Dissemination of results through the already defined tailored channels (updating the web, Eurimage customer network, mailing, magazines, final CDs)
·Additional direct participation to additional events & new conferences (papers, posters, booths, etc.)
·Final direct demonstration to identified stakeholders (through Cleopatra partner local agreements)
·Eurimage newsletters

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