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Validation of CFD tools, flashing jets

The aim of the this part in the FLIE project was to undertake a systematic validation of the predictive models developed during the project in order to provide recommendations for best practice in using CFD predictive tools for hazard assessment in situations where flashing release presents serious safety issues.

- To undertake critical review of the performance of existing modelling techniques for modelling accidental atmospheric 'flashing' jet releases and subsequent dispersion - including possible rain-out using commercially available CFD tools.

- To have main focus on the two-phase aspects, with emphasis on flash atomisation and droplet dynamics downstream from other industrial applications such as combustion chambers and refrigerants and investigate the applicability of such sub-models to simulate mechanisms in dispersing flashing jet.

- To evaluate various existing theoretical approaches that can be applied to calculate flashing conditions and provide guidance for selecting appropriate model based on experimental data generated during the project.

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