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Cleopatra dissemination means

All the partners are involved into a dissemination activity, both for scientific and applicative goals. The main topic arguments, of the all selected communication means can be summarized as follows:
- The problem, describing the Mediterranean threats and the possible dangerous involutions
- The project, showing the purposes, the activities and the scientific/operational results
- The consortium and its integration listing the Cleopatra partners and users and showing their main commitments
-The test phase V0 and V1 and their validation activity

The other dissemination channels have been focusing on:
-Advertisement fly of Cleopatra,
-Dissemination of activity and results through the already defined tailored channels (updating the web, Eurimage customer network, CDs)
- Direct participation to events and conferences (papers, posters, presentations)
-·Final direct demonstration to identified stakeholders (Coast Guards, Provincia di Livorno, etc.)
-Eurimage newsletter
-During the first year nine presentations about Cleopatra purpose and activities were given, while during the second period ten presentations were given by the consortium technicians and managers at seminars, conferences and workshops. The goal was to disseminate the actual problems faced by the project, considering both the solution achieved and the persistent limitations.
- Moreover the Eurimage Application Providers network (around 110 Value Adding companies distributed all over Europe and providing satellite based projects) directly received Cleopatra information at the annual user meeting.

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