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Space-time algorithms for synchronisation, channel estimation, and demodulation of the broadcast channels of UMTS/TDD base stations

This result was obtained within the algorithmic study for UMTS/TDD (WP3.2). Signal processing algorithms for a network-monitoring device have been developed that enables operators of UMTS/TDD cellular communications systems to monitor and improve their network. The basis for these improvements in network quality is interference analysis. The use of multiple antennas and sophisticated multi-user space-time signal processing algorithms allows estimating the interference levels of many surrounding base stations (including base stations with weak power). The signal processing algorithms concern the stages of synchronisation, channel estimation, and data detection. The overall goal is to demodulate the system information transmitted on the broadcast channels of the different base stations.

The key innovation of this result was to adapt and extend advanced signal processing techniques (e.g. MMSE filtering, GLRT hypothesis testing, DFB detection) to the special demands of network monitoring in UMTS/TDD, exploiting the availability of multiple receive antennas in an off-line signal processing mode. The algorithms have been developed and tested in simulations using the simulation environment Matlab. The results have been published in several conference papers, a journal paper (currently in the review process), and a doctoral dissertation. Within the ANTIUM project, a demonstrator of the network-monitoring device has been developed for DVB-T and the FDD mode of UMTS. In order to include the TDD mode of UMTS in this demonstrator, the further development steps of C-code development and demonstrator integration have to be carried out.

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