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Management and communication of geospatial data quality, at different information levels

Quality information can be described using various parameters (ex: data positional accuracy, semantic accuracy, completeness, etc.) and each parameter can describe data at different levels of detail (ex: quality of a dataset, of a single object class, a single object instance, etc). In order to be able to use quality information into GIS functioning (communicate data quality information to user, construct error-buttons, avoid some function misuse by enabling or disabling these functions according to data quality, etc).

This contribution aimed to explore data quality parameters and the possible levels of detail they refer. Then, a data model was designed in order to support the management of heterogeneous data quality information at different levels of analysis. Using a multidimensional database approach, we propose a conceptual framework named the Quality Information Management Model (QIMM) relying on quality dimensions and measures.

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Pavillon CASAULT
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