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Galois-lattice based fusion of geographic information sources

Different observations on a geographical domain result in different sources. The information carried by two different sources is semantically heterogeneous, in general. It is necessary to integrate the information into a single data set, and to monitor the 'quality' of this 'fusion' process, which is composed of two parts:
(1) Resolving semantic heterogeneity:
Ontology can help to resolve heterogeneity problem, and ontology integration is an important initial step of the fusion process. The Galois lattice is an efficient tool, which permits to identify connections between the elements from two ontologies (e.g.: two classifications), and which helps to build a 'common ontology'. Different 'distances' have been proposed in order to build different possible results, ranging between the cautious intersection (often empty!) and the lax union (often non informative).
(2) Integration of information sources:
we propose several methods for integrating information sources under lattice structure. The issues are to identify conflicts, redundancy, then to propose a consensus or an aggregation, as result.

The main contributions of this work have been: a solution for identify the correspondence between the concepts from two ontologies by using the Galois lattice, a method for information integration that can be graded with respect to the lattice structure.

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Universite de Provence
CMI, 39 rue Joliot-Curie
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