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Mosaicing and geo-referencing system

The mosaicing and geo-referencing system allows to accurately acquiring image data and project these images onto a map. The mosaicing part allows creating larger images than the field of view of the camera. This system is important for creating overlays on maps and comparing/merging with other data (e.g. satellite or aerial survey data). Since the data is geo-referenced the results of optional processing is also geo-referenced and can be easily overlayed on the map. For example, the (expected) positions of the landmines may be indicated on a digital map or even a (geo-referenced) satellite photo of the area.

The system consists of the following components:
[1] GPS Positioning system
[2] Time Synchronization Module
[3] GPS Data Acquisition
[4] Mosaics & Map Production Module
[5] Co-registration

The outputs of the system are a geo-referenced (high accuracy) image mosaics and image frames as well as co-registered images.

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