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Field measurements, environment/weather

The ClearFast field measurements, environment/weather system allows to perform necessary measurements to estimate all the parameters for thermal modelling as well as provide the weather conditions needed for thermal modelling. This system is to be used in conjunction with the ClearFast image analysis and thermal modelling for characterisation of the thermal parameters (thermal diffusivity and depth) of the anomalies. The system, once set up acquires data automatically and transfers the data wireless to the acquisition computer.

The system consists of the following components
[1] Weather Station
[2] Soil temperature probes
[3] Data Logger
[4] Computer.

The output of this system provides the synchronised data necessary for thermal parameter estimation of the soil and the necessary meteorological measurements.

Reported by

Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre
Kapeldreef 75
3001 Leuven
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