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Advanced, high-speed international data network connectivity for the European research and education community

GEANT is a pan-European multi-gigabit data communications network, reserved specifically for research and education use. It is creating the biggest interconnected community of scientists and academics in the world today, enabling them to share and distribute research data faster than ever before. It delivers exciting benefits to its users and will play an important role in shaping the future of European science.

GEANT is the latest generation of pan-European research network infrastructure and is one of the most advanced and reliable networks in the world. It provides the highest capacity, and offers the greatest geographic coverage, of any network of its kind in the world. GEANT serves over 3,500 research and education institutions in 33 countries through 29 national and regional research and education networks.

GEANT supports researchers by allowing them to:
Rapidly transfer large quantities of data at up to 10Gbps
Make use of advanced network applications such as grid computing
Collaborate on research projects in real-time
Perform previously unimaginable cutting-edge research
Many types of research activity are facilitated by the GEANT network.

Some examples are:
DNA sequencing, where the network is used to transfer the huge amounts of data generated by gene sequencing, helping to speed up the notoriously slow process of developing new drugs and therapies.Distributed (or 'GRID') Computing, in which GEANT plays a significant role.

GEANT also provides a platform for research into networking itself. It facilitates, and in some cases makes possible, many of the other activities carried out by the GEANT project.

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