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Dissemination, publicity and brand development of results and achievements of European research networking

Throughout the duration of the project presentations were given on the progress of GEANT, from initial implementation to completion. These have been to a variety of audiences including international conferences, national NREN conferences as well as commercial conferences and events. Throughout the duration of the project, a great number of articles were written relating to GEANT. In addition, co-operation with suppliers in the issuing of joint press releases and follow up in terms of press leads has been a feature of dissemination. Joint press releases were made with all of the major suppliers to GEANT including the GEANT NOC, CS Communications et Systemes.

The importance of GEANT publicity was recognised and activity was stepped up in Year 2. A two-day GEANT launch event and conference was held and a major User Survey was started. A full-time Public Relations Manager joined DANTE in late May 2002, providing a senior-level focal point for communications, awareness, usage and user support activities within DANTE and also helping to inject a marketing approach into the ongoing activities of GEANT and develop a more customer-focused organisation. In Year 2, the NREN Policy Committee (NREN PC) established a Publicity Working Group (PWG), tasked with producing a publicity strategy for proposal to the PC.

For Year 3 of the project, the PWG drafted a publicity strategy and action plan for GEANT, which provided the strategic framework and priorities for publicity activity. Of the thirteen actions in the Publicity Action Plan, eleven were successfully completed during year 3. The remaining two - a newsletter and the GEANT User Workshop were both completed in Years 4 and 5. The Works of DANTE newsletter was re-launched in September 2004, whilst the GEANT User Workshop was held in February 2005.

A brief survey of Publicity activities and requirements was performed amongst the NRENs in November 2003 and the GEANT PR network, consisting of PR representatives of the NREN partners in the GEANT project and the DANTE PR department, was launched in December of the same year. The increase in the level of dissemination about GEANT, as measured by the quantities of literature and posters distributed, continued throughout the project lifespan. GEANT had a formal PR presence at increasing numbers of events in each successive year, in addition to frequent presentations being made about GEANT by DANTE and NREN staff at conferences and workshops. The new GEANT web site was launched and now presents much more information, and in a more accessible format, than previously.

The GEANT logo is now routinely presented with its URL and also an explanatory tagline. The new GEANT web site uses a consistent page template to present content. Network monitoring tools are also being updated making use of a map template similar to that used for the GEANT posters.

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