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An analysis of the insect herbivores and pathogens associated with H. mantegazzianum both within its native distribution range in the Caucasus and also within areas colonised in Europe

To examine the herbivore insect communities on the invasive Heracleum mantegazzianum we performed sampling tours in the native (Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan) and the invaded areas (Europe). Investigations in Europe included Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Latvia. In total we have gained information about 358 species found on 21 Heracleum species. The herbivore communities between invaded and native area were rather similar. So far, only a few oligophagic and no monophagous species were found. In several cases we could not decide on the feeding selectivity of the species (rare species, no published information available). This concerns mainly root feeding beetles, which demand follow-up studies. So far, two new species were detected (one depressariid moth, one agromyzid fly), these species descriptions are in press. It is assumed that these species are highly specific to Heracleum mantegazzianum. According to the actual stand of knowledge no promising candidate for a biological control program could be detected.

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