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Aqueous phase mechanistic and kinetic data on the degradation of key oxygenated compounds

These results are arising from the investigation of the uptake rate kinetics and measurement of aqueous phase oxidation reactions representative of in-cloud processes of oxygenated. This allowed t o construct mechanisms describing the in-cloud oxidation of these species and test these reaction schemes via steady-state techniques in an aqueous phase irradiation chamber.

The reactivity of hydroxyl radical with oxygenated organic compounds was investigated by three partners using different experimental approaches. A very good agreement in the determination of the rate constants for the intercomparison compounds were achieved. For the first time the ionic strength, dependent measurements of OH reactions were carried out. The absorption of acetone, 2-butanone, 2,3-butanedione, and 2-oxo-propanal into aqueous drops was observed using a flow tube reactor. Finally, the kinetic data set obtained by these investigations will be implemented as a module in an extended version of tropospheric multiphase model CAPRAM 2.5.

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