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Increased risk of cleft lip and / or palate with maternal variant allele in MSX1

MSX1 (muscle specific homeobox gene 1) is a key factor in craniofacial morphogenesis, and has been implicated in the pathogenesis of cleft palate in a number of recent scientific reports. The EUROCRAN study provides further evidence, by means of association of a genetic risk factor for the occurrence of either Cleft Lip and Palate or isolated Cleft Palate in the offspring. Such information may be used in maternal public health risk assessment and should be the subject of ongoing research, and used in conjunction with other evidence in this field. Mutations in this gene may prove to be one of the universal genetic factors that contributes to orofacial clefting, and in the future this raises the possibility of developing targeted preventive strategies.

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UNIVERSITY OF DUNDEE, Unit of Dental and Oral Health, Dental School
Park Place
United Kingdom
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