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A main result of the project: european aerosol database

A main result of CREATE is the establishment, use and delivery of an European aerosol database. Through CREATE, agreement has been obtained with NILU to host its database in the European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme (EMEP) -Chemical Coordinating Centre (CCC) database at This website allows for submission of aerosol data (using NASA-AMES 1001 format) to the European aerosol database. A formal cooperative agreement, through CREATE, has been achieved between NILU and JRC, at Ispra, which hosts the WMO-GAW (Global Atmosphere Watch) World Data Centre for Aerosols (WDCA). This means that present and future aerosol data only needs to be submitted to the EMEP-CCC database. The infrastructure for EMEP data flow is used to transfer submitted data seamlessly to the WDCA site as well:

This represents a major achievement towards harmonisation for archival of aerosol data at the European level, and it minimises the duplication of databases and effort all round for data providers, and for data users. Aerosol data has been submitted using the agreed common data format (NASA-AMES 1001) to the CREATE database by 10 Atmospheric Research Stations. It represents typically 3-5 years (over the period from about 1995-2003) of hourly values of the following aerosol parameters: number concentration, size distribution, aerosol radiative parameters: light scattering and absorption coefficient, particulate mass (PM) and chemical composition (integrated and size resolved data).

Current status is that the Database is operational and can be accessed by users in a user-friendly manner. Data can also be submitted to the Database - use web site: Expected benefits and applications include: Database data can be used for comparison with modelled predictions of air quality levels. Furthermore, data can be used to make predictive assessments of radiative effects.

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