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OROMA data management system

Interactive presentation and reporting of coastal monitoring results.
An integrated system was developed for an IT network which connected the scientific partners (community), monitoring agencies and the public to a centralised data base system. The key element to the system is a graphical user interface to the database, accessible through the Internet.

The system was developed using JSP and EJB technologies and access achieved through password login
a) for scientists to maintain the actuality of the monitoring data,
b) for the monitoring agencies permitting them retrieval and data analysis tools and
c) interested public, who would like access to information, which has been certified by the monitoring agencies.

The data model developed implements the Dublin-core meta data standard. This is currently integrated into the new ISO meta data standard, so that all meta data of the OROMA data management system are compliant with the ISO standard.

However, the ISO is not fully implemented. This is justified by two arguments:
(1) the OROMA Data Management System is a prototype for demonstrating the capabilities and possibilities of an interactive presentation layer. It could be shown that meta data which are part of the ISO are part of the system and are sufficient for the purpose of the project. The additional meta data could be added, but this was not necessary for the project.
(2) The number of meta data had to be limited in order to make an a-posteriori labelling of the available data possible and also to make the system attractive. It is the experience of the team that a system which requests a large number of meta data is not accepted and used by the scientific community. However, it should be pointed out here that a full implementation of the ISO meta data standard in the data model and interface of the OROMA Data Management System is possible with very little extra effort, should it become necessary.

The software systems developed for the DMS were presented during an End User Workshop to a large number of participants. The feedback gathered during the interactive sessions proved that such a system include all the essential functions necessary to bring bathymetry and water quality information in a proper and understandable way to both coastal management and scientists. A paper was delivered at the Annual Conference of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetric Society in Aberdeen in September 2004 describing the OROMA concept. Within the scope of the proposed ESA-funded GMES Service Element Marcoast initiative it is planned to employ the technologies developed during OROMA and other EU (e.g. REVAMP) and ESA-funded projects into the Water Quality Service to be offered. The primary end-users (customers) of this service will be the national monitoring agencies responsible for implementing EU Directives. It is expected that this Water Quality Service be fully operational and self-sustaining by the year 2008.

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