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Detecting carbon stock changes after disturbances and changes in forest

Terrestrial ecosystems contain about 3 times the atmospheric carbon mass in living biomass and soil organic matter. Their annual gross fluxes exchange about 1/6 of the atmospheric carbon dioxide. The inter-annual variation in the biospheric net exchange fluxes is in the order of magnitude of fossil fuel emissions. This suggests that options of management for increased carbon storage in ecosystems may exist. The Kyoto protocol, with article 3.4, opened an avenue to search how "additional human-induced activities related to changes in greenhouse gas emissions by sources and removals by sinks in the agricultural soils and the land-use change and forestry categories shall be added to, or subtracted from, the assigned amounts for Parties included in Annex I". If the instrument of sink management within forests is to be used there is a need to account for 2 groups of processes that reduce C stocks in forests, namely disturbances and forest harvesting activities. The aim of WP 5 was to analyse the state of knowledge on the effects of disturbance and forest management on carbon stocks in forests and to identify inventory methods for monitoring of these changes that are available or need to be further developed.

The main results obtained are publicly available with 6 reports at the project WEB site:
WP 5.1 - Review of state of knowledge regarding carbon dynamics after disturbances in European forests
WP 5.2 - Case study data on carbon losses covering 20 years after a storm disturbance in a temperate spruce forest
WP 5.3 - State of knowledge regarding effects of forest management practices on ecosystem carbon storage and projected effects of changes in management practices.
WP 5.4 - Monitoring standard for detecting carbon sources after major disturbances
WP 5.5 - Monitoring standard for detecting carbon sinks following changes in forest management practices
WP 5.6 - Documentation on the verifiability of carbon sinks through forest management activities

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