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Detection of ARD events and estimation of their area using NFI based on a grid of sample plots

The National Forest Inventories are the most detailed national sources for information on forests. They have been a basic source of numerical information used in preparation of the GHG inventories since beginning of the UNFCCC process. Good Practice Guidance for LULUCF confirms that the use of NFI as a source of information is a "good practice" in the GHG inventory preparation, both for the purposes of UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol reporting.

In Annex I countries, the forested land and ARD represent areal events, which significantly differ in size (by couple of orders of magnitude). Hence, estimates of area for forest and ARD events obtained from the NFI differ in precision and applicability in the context of Kyoto Protocol. The Monte Carlo type model was developed for testing sensitivity of the NFI geometrical arrangement to the presence of ARD events. The model space mirrors geometrical arrangement of the NFI based on circular sampling plots. The simulation was performed for ARD events with fixed area ranging from 0.1ha to 50.0ha. The results proved that the NFI tends to overestimate areas of the events much smaller than a size of the NFI grid. The relative overestimation increases with decreasing area of ARD event.

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