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Estimation of tree biomass in boreal forests

Estimation of tree biomass in boreal forests
Availability of information related to allometry of trees was evaluated and database of biomass and volume equations for tree species in Europe was developed by Zianis et al. (2005)(available from According to the evaluation of the existing biomass equations, we conclude that biomass equations of Norway spruce, Scots pine and birch developed in Sweden by Marklund can be applied in nation-wide carbon in northern Europe. His equations are based on large number of trees (>1000) representing entire country, whereas several other equations are based on very limited number of sampled sites and trees.

In regional biomass inventories the biomass equations can be applied if the inventory agency have access to tree-level data. If calculations are based on aggregated data (stem volume of growth estimates according to tree species and regions) biomass can be calculated with the help of representative biomass expansion factors. BEFs with uncertainty estimation were developed in this project for large-scale biomass inventories by Lehtonen et al. (2004, For. Ecol. Managem. 188: 211-224).

Foliage biomass estimation by BEFs, biomass equations and pipe model theory were tested by Lehtonen (2005, Ecol. Modelling 180:305-315)). It was found that BEFs are suitable for regional biomass assessments, but not for estimating foliage biomass of single plots. Applicability of the developed BEFs was also tested in large-scale inventories (Jalkanen et al. 2005, Ann. For Sci. 62: 845-851)

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