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3-D synthetic aperture processing SW

The 3-D synthetic aperture sonar processing (SW) that we are developing at Ecole navale (+ARMINES) is meant to provide maps of the seafloor by using two parallel arrays (interferometry). The processing will be applied to both low frequency and high frequency ranges of the parametric sonar allowing an interface description in the high frequency (HF) range and objects localization in the low frequency (LF) one. The very important issue is, thanks to parametric arrays, both HF and LF maps will be obtained simultaneously and geographically co-located. In order to ensure having the same resolution in both frequency ranges, conventional synthetic aperture processing (SAS) will be applied to raw signal issued from both ranges. Interferometry will be achieved using wideband algorithms (time domain) and both LF and HF maps will be compared for pointing out buried targets. Analyses of sea data are on the way. Processing will also be applied to complementary data obtained during the system calibration in a large basin. The results achieved have been disseminated through several publications.

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