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Multiple aspect scattering measurement technique

The Multiple Aspect Scattering techniques that we have developed at the University of Bath are concerned with high-frequency acoustic scattering measurements in a multistatic set-up (hydrophones physically decoupled from the sonar transmitter). This is based on the design and conduct of experiments in a medium-sized basin with real seabeds representative of European environments, and using several types of scaled-down targets. These targets were proud, flush buried and half-buried. The influence of the seabeds, and the combination of target(s) and seabed(s), were investigated for a large range of incidence angles, scattering angles, and bistatic angles.

These systematic measurements have been used to prepare sea trials (in conjunction with our SITAR partners). They are the first complete dataset acquired at this range of frequencies, for such a wide range of targets and settings. The experimental methodology developed can be used as an example for similar studies.

Appropriate software techniques, based on advanced deconvolution software, have been developed to reconstruct the positions of the targets and their scattering characteristics (from the surface of the targets, and sometimes from the inside of the targets as well). Analyses of the tank experiment data and of the sea trials data are currently in progress. The results achieved so far are currently disseminated through S&T publications. More information can be obtained from the work package leader at the University of Bath.

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