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Creation of database of brownfields and contaminated-site characteristics, definition of end-users requirements and definition of the site typologies

The analysis of the brownfield typologies has been aimed at collecting the widest range of data that usually are gathered when a site environmental characterization is carried out. A database of brownfields and contaminated sites characteristics has been created to focus the remedial evaluation steps and to plan management and rehabilitation.A set of requirements on qualitative and quantitative information, flexibility and applicability, accessibility constraints and requirements on costs and time of investigations that the geophysical investigations will meet, has been aimed in order to be useful and convenient with respect to conventional investigation methods for environmental assessment.

Requirements have been also designed for the application of geophysical measurements to validate the effectiveness of remediation and for post-remedial monitoring programs at regular time interval. Definition of site typologies, that can be used to calibrate the new technologies and to design/test geophysical procedures for the sites assessment, has been also achieved.

The selection has been performed according to the following criteria:
1. Diffusion of the typology, to extend experiment opportunities and to favour the impact on the exploitation of the methodological results by end-users;
2. Expected probability of success and expected benefits form integrated geophysical measurements.

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