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Data processing, calibration, performance evaluation

The definition of the most appropriate methods to integrate and calibrate geophysical investigations is essential to obtain a valid and cost effective procedure for the assessment of contaminated sites. Compared to conventional methodologies, an assessment approach based on a limited number of invasive investigations (sampling, boreholes, etc.) plus an extensive use of combined non invasive geophysical surveys is very promising for the reduction of the assessment costs and for the production of more detailed assessment reports. The definition of the performances, limits, applicability conditions and costs of these techniques is also essential to prevent the inappropriate use of geophysical methods and to help the end-users in optimising the decisions related with the financial support of the investigation activities.

The result consists of a methodology for calibration and integration of geophysical techniques applicable to brownfield assessment and for cost-effective combination of geophysical techniques with conventional methods. The methodology defines the most convenient approach for deriving from geophysical data qualitative and quantitative indications useful for the assessment of the condition and the contamination of a brownfield. The description of the optimal calibration procedures is organized according to a synthetic template. A calibration template is defined for each geophysical measurement in application to each specific objective where the method can give a positive contribution.

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