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Decision support system to guide the end-user in the optimal selection of integrated techniques

The GDSS, called GeoPASS is prepared using ms-excel. It includes modules for Resistivity Surveying (RS), Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), High Resolution Seismic Reflection (HRS), Surface Waves Analysis (SASW) and Electrical Resistivity Tomography between boreholes (ERT), Electromagnetic and Time domain Electromagnetic and object detection (magnetometer and metal detector). A technical description is prepared as well; including a definition of all required input data (currently used for proposed Hygeia fieldwork sites), a general decision flow path and decision flow path for the different geophysical techniques.

GeoPASS includes a database containing physical properties of various rocks and sediments and of various pollutants. It contains for each lithology the average value and its variation of the physical properties. The database has an advisory role for the user so the GDSS can be used even when not all the parameters in the database are known.

The proposed HYGEIA technology may substantially reduce the costs of rehabilitation thanks to complete 3-D non-invasive imaging of the subsurface by means of integrated geophysical techniques. In order to achieve this a good site assessment must be carried out by environmental engineers and end users. The site assessment will help geophysicist to decide which geophysical technique is the more efficient in this particular context. The Decision Support System GeoPASS is a fundamental tool to help this assessment and ensure effective application of the proposed geophysical technologies.

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