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Field data collected at Lido di Dante, Italy

Waves data from the National Wave Network and Tidal data from the National Tidal Network were collected for the entire period of the project (until now). Wave buoys are located in Punta della Maestra (30NM north fro the study site) and Ancona (about 75NM from the study site). A comparison analysis was performed and we concluded that the averaged conditions could be representative for the offshore wave conditions of Ravenna.

Tide data have been collected in Porto Corsini harbour, very close to the study site. Two-detail bathymetry, with multibeam system, was carried out in June 2002 and in January 2004; Two intensive field campaign to measure waves and currents were carried out in the period Nov 03-Jan 04 and in the period Nov 04 - Jan 05. Two ADCP Sentinel 1200 by RDInstrument were installed during the field campaign. The instruments measure directional waves and velocity components along the vertical profiles. The first ADCP was deployed 20m onshore the LCS gap in 3.5m depth, in order to measure transmitted waves in the protected area (every hour), long-shore currents at the lee side of the barrier and cross-shore currents at the gap.

- A data set of 40 shorelines was collected at the beach of Lido di Dante in the period 15-22 July 2004. The shoreline surveys were conducted by moving a GPS in kinematic mode over a distance of about 700 meters alongshore, in the protected area delimitated by the external groins, at the instantaneous centre of the swash zone. In order to estimate the intertidal beach slope everyday of the fieldwork about 60 cross-shore transects were surveyed too. The post processing correction of the single frequency GPS (model SR510 by LEICA geosystems) data through the corrsponding RINEX files of a properly close Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) gave out data with centimetre precision.

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