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A database has been established that includes all the calibrated, pre-processed data collected during the CoastView project. The database includes three primary data types:
1) Image data from the four CoastView video stations at Lido di Dante (Italy), El Puntal (Spain), Egmond (Netherlands) and Teignmouth (UK).
2) Long-term supporting field data including wave, tide and bathymetric survey data for each CoastView field sites.
3) Short-term intensive field campaign data for each of the four CoastView sites. These data were collected specifically to provide validation data for the video derived variables and coastal state indicators under investigation in this study. Full information on the intensive field campaigns is provided under individual sections of this T.I.P.

The archive is provided with an html interface which is based on the CoastView website. The archive may be accessed by pressing the ‘Data Archive’ button on any page of the website. The full data archive including all images has been delivered to the European Commission and exists on the CoastView server. All the image data are available (unrestricted) via the CoastView website. A CD containing all other data is available on request form the project co-ordinator (Dr. Mark Davidson

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