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Final report on coastal state indicators

The final report on Coastal State Indicators (CSIs) builds on the work carried out during the first CoastView workshop in Egmond, Netherlands (summarised in the initial report on coastal state indicators). The report details the methodology developed within the CoastView programme for defining useful management CSIs. The report details the background and evolution of the video technology within the timeframe of the CoastView project. Descriptions are given of the demonstration CSIs developed for each of the four CoastView field sites including information on the algorithms and software development for the estimation of video-derived CSIs. Demonstration CSIs pertaining to the coastal management areas of coastal protection, navigation and recreation are covered in the report. Finally, this report summarises potential improvements in the predictive capacity (primarily for coastal evolution) that might be derived from long time-series of high-resolution video data and looks to the future beyond the CoastView project.

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