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Quantification of nitrate load to Ho Bay

A 3D groundwater model was set up for the Sj?lborg Site based on the geological model developed in WP1. The groundwater model was calibrated automatically using the shuffled complex evolution algorithm (SCE) against observed hydraulic heads in wells installed as part of the NAME-project. A 3D transport model was developed based on the flow rates simulated in the flow model. The denitrification process was modelled using different redox zonations and degradation rates. Using this model estimates of the nitrate load to the sea within the model area were obtained. To upscale the results from the site to the entire catchments of Ho Bay areas similar to the site where there are no surface waters and groundwater will discharge directly to the sea were determined by analysis of topography. By multiplying these areas with the actual recharge, an estimate of the groundwater discharge to the bay can be calculated. These results have been used as input to the regional marine model developed in Workpackage 6.

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