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Collation of archival and curatorial information relating to the display history of tapestries at Hampton court palace

Drawing on many years of archival and literature research, Dr Thomas P. Campbell (Curator of European Sculpture and Decorative Arts, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) produced a report for the MODHT project which collated information on the display history of every tapestry from the UK Royal Collection located at Hampton Court Palace (under the guardianship of HRP). The report details the curatorial history of the collection as a whole; acquisition, and use from Cardinal Wolsey to Henry VIII, through to the present day. The tapestry collection at Hampton Court Palace is of international significance, and is represented in detail in archival sources.

The context of use of the tapestries is of great interest in relation to the current condition and state of degradation. The Tudor court was peripatetic: furnishings were transferred seasonally between palaces. Tapestries were displayed according to the taste of the monarch, and status of visitor permitted to the monarch's presence. After Hampton Court Palace was no longer occupied by the Royal Family, visitors were permitted and some tapestries have permanently displayed. This necessarily has an effect on the preservation of the textiles, and implications for the future care and conservation required for their long-term preservation.

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